Increase your Wireless Capabilites With a Homeless Antenna(!?!?)

Every year in Austin, Texas, people gather for the SXSW festival. This brings together innovators in the creative realm, as well as in the social realm. While most people are focused on the music and film choices available at SXSW, some innovators have come up with an interesting idea this year: Instead of leaving homeless people in the area to just wander around aimlessly, they are installing 4G antennas onto these homeless people. In essence, the homeless are becoming wireless hotspots.

This bizarre idea carries some heavy social considerations, but is also interesting to say the least. Could the homeless be used as a new way to deliver content to the public? It doesn’t actually seem that far-fetched for a corporation to use a homeless person to deliver products and advertising to the general public. In many cases the homeless would affect people walking by an area more than a billboard would. Truly, this seems like an idea out of a science fiction novel. But it’s likely that more and more things are going to change in this manner.

It’s very unfortunate that the homeless could even be considered to be used as advertising tools. The facts of the homeless even exist, is quite a crazy idea in this prosperous society that we have. So many dollars go toward things that people don’t really need while the homeless are left outside to wander around. And now, it’s as if companies believe they’re wasting their time and need to be given a job to do. They’re also being paid a mere $20 a day, a wage that is so far below the minimum wage it’s not even funny.

On an optimistic note, people utilizing the hotspots were also given the option to donate money to the homeless person acting as the hotspot. And while many of the homeless probably didn’t mind this, it’s still very exploitative to give somebody a shirt that says”Hi, my name is X and I am a wireless hotspot.” It would appear we have a bleak future if the main tools for advertising are the people that society turn their backs on.

Read more and watch a video here.


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