Ignore What It Really Means

President Obama recently caused a controversy when he made a mandate that birth control be provided for free to all women. This is a noble idea, one that was rooted in the idea of pregnancy prevention, as well as women’s health. Birth control is not just used to prevent pregnancy. It can be used to prevent some disorders associated with pregnancy, as well as some hormonal issues that women may face. It’s not just that every woman on birth control wants to be promiscuous. Conservatives seem to latch on to this idea, and Rush Limbaugh did as well, calling out a young law student and declaring her a “slut” as well as number of other negative, horrible, misogynistic things.

Given these events, it’s easy to see how conservatives can get upset at such an idea by the government. It would not hurt anyone, and in fact, it would help more people than it would hurt. However, religious institutions like the Catholic Church have been upset. Due to the church’s stance on contraception, a government mandate that the employer needs to provide free birth control goes against the church’s wishes. This is certainly more of a legitimate concern than one rooted in just assuming that all women are promiscuous that are on birth control.

It is likely that an exemption will be made for religious institutions to prevent this sort of controversy from extending. It’s unfortunate that Arizona lawmakers have decided to propose their own mandate against Obama’s. It’s only a small group of lawmakers, thankfully, so it’s unlikely that it will actually get passed. However, it’s really unfortunate and depressing that the idea was even proposed. Basically, an employer who provides free birth control to their employees can request the reason why the birth control is being used. If it’s for health concerns, great. But if it’s for pregnancy prevention, the employee can be judged and fired from work if the employer so chooses. This childish and immature law is so stupid that it almost doesn’t even deserve mention other than for the fact that it’s so out there.

As I said, I sincerely doubt this law will be passed. But if it does, we are on the way to a dystopian future. What a shame.


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