Pants on My Mind

For socially conscious consumers, sometimes it’s difficult to figure out where the things we buy come from. We can try to buy meat from local markets, produce from local farmers, but most people don’t have local clothing outlets. You can always buy from secondhand shops, or buy things online that you know are ethical. A new company has sprung up in the UK that is focusing on that exact concept. What if you could buy something, and then find out exactly where it came from and who made it?

It’s not a new idea for this company. The owner, Becky John, has been making underwear since around 2009 by ethical means. She has expanded this idea even further, choosing the hire refugees from impoverished or dangerous countries. They have all come together to form a cooperative that makes clothing. More specifically, they make pants. Addressing directly the concept of social awareness, they’ve named the company Who Made Your Pants, which is exactly what the product addresses.

And on every pair of pants purchased from Who Made Your Pants, there’s a tag attached the tells you exactly Who Made Your Pants and where they’re located. On top of that, the woman at the co-op are given the option to interact with their customers. They interact with customers via social media and e-mail, as well as the website. Direct concerns can be directed at the woman, and they are able to respond as they can. They are trained in business practices and given a great opportunity at this company. The company is very focused on empowering women, a noble concept, especially for these refugees. The waiting list for refugee workers is very high right now. It seems that this has stirred up a lot of positive press and is working in the proper manner.

The products are made from recycled fabric from discarded lingerie from larger companies. The women aren’t under a lot of stress and work hard, because they want to. In giving people a choice in the ability to mean something, Who Made Your Pants is accomplishing great things in the fashion world. Perhaps this will launch an entire new concept in the marketing of clothing.


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