Support Trayvon’s Family

Trayvon Martin was an ordinary 17-year-old kid. On one fateful night, however, he was staying with his father and stepmother at their home in a predominantly white neighborhood in Sanford, Florida. He went out to get snacks like any 17-year-old would, heading to a nearby 7-11 store. On his way back, he was noticed by the neighborhood watch leader, George Zimmerman.

Apparently Zimmerman thought that Martin seemed suspicious. He called 911, trying to alert them of a suspicious character wandering through his neighborhood. He alluded to drug usage by Martin, and said that he just kept wandering around the neighborhood. Against the requests of the 911 operator, he pursued Trayvon. A fight broke out between the two men, and Trayvon was overheard begging for his life by neighbors before being shot in the chest. George Zimmerman’s gun was legal; he had a permit. Zimmerman also claimed self-defense. But does this sound like self-defense to you?
This case brings up a lot of racial complications as well. If Trayvon had been 17 years old and white, would he have been shot to death on this terrible night? Zimmerman has not even been arrested. However, the recent release of the 911 calls surrounding the incident are definitely illustrating that Zimmerman acted in an irresponsible, callous fashion. Perhaps even racially charged.

It’s always a tragedy when a child or teenager is killed. Families and communities mourn, and constantly ask the question “why did my son or daughter have to die?” In this case, it’s even more difficult because there is no real clear motive as to why this happened. It’s almost as if Zimmerman just wanted to use his gun, so he came up with a reason to do it. If you are just as appalled by this incident as I am, I would suggest going to the petition that I have linked below and signing. is requesting that George Zimmerman be prosecuted for the actions that he committed. This is the only true and proper way to end this mess.

Support Trayvon’s Family!



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