A Continuing Saga


The Trayvon Martin case continues. No, George Zimmerman has not been arrested yet. He is still walking the streets, because Florida’s Stand Your Ground law is still protecting him after his incredibly violent actions. It’s unfortunate that no real positive news has come out of this scenario yet.

President Obama actually spoke out about Trayvon this previous Friday, commenting that he felt that Trayvon is what his own son would look like. Obama was simply expressing how the events made him feel, rather than saying anything about race, gender, or anything else. It simply struck a chord with him, because he felt that if it happened to him, the visual aspect would’ve been the same. Obama continued that he believed that the American public would treat the situation with the gravity it deserves and that they would hopefully come to a successful conclusion.

But no good deed goes unpunished. In typical fashion, Newt Gingrich accused Obama of making a racially motivated statement. Instead of acknowledging the discussion for what was, Gingrich accused Obama of saying that he was only willing to protect black kids because they look like him. He then made a leap in logic to state that if if Trayvon had been white, it wouldn’t have been as big of a deal. This is not a good argument, and is incredibly childish. This response is utterly ridiculous, and despite Gingrich saying it, he’s been backed up by Michele Bachmann and some other conservatives. Why  do they have to pick fights that don’t need to be picked? What is to be gained by accusing Obama of closet racism?

Representatives close to President Obama have come out stating that Gingrich’s comments were reprehensible. It’s been suggested that because of Gingrich’s dying political career, he’s just trying to be offensive and outrageous to get attention. It doesn’t matter one way or another, because he’s worth enough money to survive the rest of his life without any real effort at all. And he’s already illustrated time and time again that he’s a tremendous hypocrite. I hope that some good news will come out soon about this case.


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