Young Women are the Victim

US Representative Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Republican from Florida, has proposed a brand-new, restrictive bill that would regulate women’s health even further. The topic of women’s rights has been rising constantly, especially building up to this election year. It seems that many on the conservative side of the fence want to restrict what women can and can’t do. And not every case where an abortion is needed is because the woman was promiscuous. Sometimes women will die if they give birth to a child. And sometimes children can be raped by their own parents, a terrible truth.

Some more about the bill: This bill would require women under the age of 18 to be accompanied by a parent when obtaining an out of state abortion. So I guess if you’re raped by your own father, you need to go with either your mom or dad to get an abortion. If you don’t follow this procedure, the doctor could go to jail for year. Does this seem like a sensible bill, or does it seem like one that’s just supposed to instill traditional values in the society? What about victims of rape in general? Is there any sort of exclusion for women in this situation? No. Several proposed amendments were rejected by the people who pass this bill. The proposed amendments included exceptions for rape and incest victims, exceptions for women with health concerns, and the ability for young woman to be accompanied by a grandparent or young adult that they trust when getting an abortion. All of these things have been rejected.

Basically, this bill is just trying to take away the independence of women even further. By requiring females to be accompanied by their parents to an  out of state abortion, they are losing a vital component of privacy. It seems like even more negative situations could arise, especially in a situation involving incest or rape. Instead of getting a safe, monitored abortion, some young woman might turn to other highly unsafe alternatives to terminating the pregnancy by a professional. If you force these women to behave in one particular way, and it’s embarrassing, they might take matters into their own hands and wind up with the much worse situation. It’s been shown time and time again that abstinence-only education doesn’t work; in fact, in the school districts where this sort of education takes place, teen pregnancies are at nationwide highs because teens simply don’t use contraceptives because they’ve been told that they don’t work.

It’s not to say that every female will take matters into her own hands and provide herself with an unsafe abortion. But by forcing them to go about it in a particular manner, there are likely to be unforeseen externalities that make the overall picture very bleak. There’s no good reason for this, other than maintaining the fallacy of tradition in which children have to consult their parents for all things in their lives.


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