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Pros and Cons of Foster Care

Much of the time today, Foster Care is a misunderstood topic, multifaceted and full of complex observations.  If we don’t take it seriously and give it a good close look, it will negatively affect more and more children each and every year.  Let’s look into some of the key facts about Foster Care situations.

In many cases, children in Foster Care are as likely to be abused there as they are in their original households.  They have been many cases where children in Foster Care were abused by both their biological parents and their Foster Care parents.  In some cases, children have been murdered at the hands of their Foster Care parents.  This is a startling fact, and should not be ignored.

Improperly so, Foster Care is sometimes seen as a way to protect abused and neglected kids.  This is primarily by people who don’t actually understand the realities faced by these children.  Due to confidentiality laws, many of these cases are never found out about by the general public.  This does help to keep the kids safe in the situations, but it also prevents other people from finding about these occurrences.  Unfortunately, many of these children face a very harsh reality in Foster Care.  It isn’t always better than the homes that these kids came from, and that is the truth.  It doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good Foster Care Homes out there, but it also means that some of them should be avoided at all costs.  There are so many, however, and this makes it hard to regulate the quality of care given to these children.

In many cases, Foster parents prefer their own children to their Foster kids.  This can cause unneeded competition in awkwardness within the household.  This can also be another form of abuse, and should be avoided at all costs.  These children have faced horrible situations in some cases, and wish to be freed from such nightmares.  If your life was ruined, would you want to enter a household where you were second best no matter what?  I think most people would say no, but children don’t have this right in most cases.  When issues of favoritism occur, sometimes the Foster kids are actually abused by the biological kids.

Foster kids also sometimes have to live in many houses as they grow up.  This makes it hard for them to get attached to any particular household, and prevents them from having a normal childhood in which they grow up nurtured, in a good home.  This can affect their schooling, as well as their social interactions.  This can make life incredibly difficult for the Foster child.  They are forced to take their small amount of personal belongings with them from place to place, and may never get to feel truly situated.

This is just a small observation of the things surrounding foster care. It is an issue to be taken seriously. Lives are literally at stake.